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The system must be very easily to setup, and must work when both parties are behind NAT.
The Software will enable a user to take-over remote PCs via a web-based or PC-based application.
Since VNC is an open source, a solution using VNC is acceptable.
GUI design will be provided by Friendly.
The solution is targeted to home users, which have router (inc. NAT) at home or bridged modems.

·Remote take over by home admin of another user’s PC by clicking on home-admin name (see above)
·Alternatively: remote take over by the user or home admin creating a code and the other side insert it to create a session.
·User see what is happening on the screen
·User can stop the session anytime
·User can limit to “View” mode only
·File transfer
·Log of activity for each session initiated (user, date, start time, end time)
·Log of activities made on the user’s PC (phase II)
·Reboot and reconnect (phase II) automatically (with no actions required of the user).
·Session transfer to another admin (phase II)
·Session must be secured (connects only to authenticated Home Admin and traffic cannot be sniffed).

Supported platforms

·Targeted to broadband users
·XP all versions, Vista
·PC connected via a bridged modem or a router
·IE 6 and above
·Firefox (phase II)

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