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We have a repair tracking database based on mambo with various components and modules...

Its main aim is to be the base system for our repair and servicing company. It is 75% finished and is currently fully working without any bugs. Our main objective now is to customise its graphical interface and allow it to give us the reports we need.

We also need it fully integrated so all repairs can be tracked via our website. We would also like cutomers notified during the complete repair process as the repair progresses and goes thru the various differnt statuses.

Its very hard to explain i think it would be easier face to face or on the phone.

A breif outline of what the system is capable of.

-customer bookin repair online
-device arrives for repair
-logged into system
-sent to engineers for diagnosis
-repair begins
-parts used are taken from stock
-price is confirmed from databse based on make and model
-repair is completed - either suceesful or not
-item is paid for by customer
-item is disptached

and all thru this process customer is either sent text or email confirming status and also shows info online.

I know this project is extremely large but i assure all the backend is in place and is 75% if not more complete and in use. its just missing a few finishing touches.
Please contact for further info.
Prefer to deal with UK mambo specialist.
PLease do not contact if you feel this may be out of your skill level.

Database: MySQL
Operating system: MS Windows


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