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От исполнителя надобно:
- Портфолио
- Отзывы
- Познания английского
- Знание верно оценить объем работы и исполнить в срок

Вот примерное изложение того что надобно сделать:
1. User Management
- Online registration to signup
- Email validation to activate account
- Forget Password & Remember password
2. Player character
-Each user will create a character during registration. The user will select a character and ability to name their character

3. Forum
- Integration with PHPBB or SMF(or whichever you prefer) with theme customised to the site design

4. Private Messages
i. Compose new messages just like any ordinary emails(but instead of email, it will be sent to a users username) and send them to
the member's network of friends.
ii. View inbox/sent/saved messages.
5. Shops
- Central Shops will sell items created by the Admin at designated price. These shops will automatically update after X amount of time restocking the the items to a specific number.
- Each user has their own store to sell their items too. But in order for the user to make a shop, it will cost him/her a certain amount of virtual points. The user owned shops are able to be upgraded to a larger size to hold more items but this will cost a certain amount of virtual points.
- Item search by item name and virtual points
- After item search is complete, items will be listed by username, price, and amount being sold by the user. This will display the top 20 user stores selling the item ranging from lowest amount to highest.
- When a user wishes to purchase an item and clicks on the item, the user will be promped with a popup asking to confirm the buy (are you sure you wish to buy "X" for "X amount of virtual points"? YES/NO)
6. Training
- ability to send their character to shool to train a certain stat(strength, defence, int etc)
- each training will cost a differnt virtual item
7. Refer a Friend
- once their friend signs up under their refferal link the user who refered them will automatically be given an item
8. Admin
i.-ability to suspend a users account
ii.-ability to update shops(there will be several shops(ie: shop21.php shop3.php(or phtml or whatever) with differnt items, prices, and create new shops
iii.-ability to update any characters levels(strength, defence, attack etc)
iiii.-ability to purchase any item within the game for free
9. Installation to Server
- Installation, Configuration & Testing on client server

Если хочется посмотреть, откуда берется идея - глядим на

Полагаемый срок плана - прибизительно 30 дней.
Бюджет - до $1000.
Предложение должно включать в себя план работ, продолжительность и стоимость всего этапа.
На каждый план надобна документация по классам, желанна UML-диагармма.

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