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Задание готовил для размещения на Elance, следственно на английском.
I need article (re)writing in English according to very specific algorithm. What you should be creating is a template, that will be further used for automatic generation of multiple texts based on it.
The writing algorithm is as following. You should express the same thoughts in different ways and words several times, using alternative sentences and synonyms. Construction {sentence1|sentence2|sentence3...|sentenceN} lists all different alternatives and one of the them will be selected randomly. Alternatives can be nested, i.e. construction {{sentence1|sentence2}|sentence3} is possible and should be used. It's easier to demonstrate with the following example.

{4 reasons why|Some explanations of why|Why|Reasons why|Yes,} {I {want to know|ask for|need to know|have to ask for} your {office|work|employment}{ phone|} number|getting {your|client's} work {phone|contacts} is {vital|essential|very important}{ for {me|escort|service provider}|}|{client|phone} screening is{ absolutely|} necessary}

Generated results:
1) Yes, I want to know your office phone number
2) 4 reasons why I need to know your office phone number
3) Reasons why phone screening is necessary
4) Reasons why client screening is necessary
5) Why I have to ask for your office phone number

So the generated text must not simply make gross sence, but be absolutely valid human-readable article.
The best writing strategy is to make a plan of your article, write the first varinat, then rewrite each paragraph in 3 completely different ways: {var1|var2|var3}. Next, create alternatives inside each variant with use of synonyms and paraphrases.

Usually, 1000 characters of template text produce about 200-250 characters of resulting text. Final article size should be about 2000 characters, so the template should be approximately 8000-10000 characters long.

The topic should be related to escorting and sex work, advice for escort's clients etc. I will provide several example URLs that can be used as a base for rewriting. The articles will be further used as a content for escorting related blogs. I will need this work to be done on regular basis, 1-2 articles per week on average.

Please, bid with your rates for 10,000 characters of the template text.

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