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I'd like a Firefox extension created for Firefox 1.5 or later for Windows that writes info about web pages in Firefox windows & tabs to the user's file system, such as page URL, page title, page source code, and unique identifiers for the windows/tabs. There is no GUI, so that simplifies things a bit.

I need a Firefox extension created that upon page load:

1. checks if the URL of the current page matches a particular URL via regular expressions. (see http://www.evolt.org/node/36435 for example of regex in javascript).

2. If there is a match in step 1, search the HTML source code of the current page for an image file name using regular expressions to do the matching

3. save the image file to the user's hard drive from the Firefox cache.

***Step 3 is very important. Note that the server hosting the image should not be queried for the image; it is saved from the Firefox cache.*** Technically the user could even be offline and step #3 would work.

The use of regular expressions is also important because it gives us flexibility to modify your code to detect a variety of URLs and files.

The extension should not prompt the user with any dialogues. It needs to operate silently and not interfere with the user experience in any way.

The extension does not need to have a GUI.

An example test case would be having the match domain in step 1 be simply "http://www.google.com". If the user visits Google.com, there would thus be a match in step 1. If the file name to be looked for in step 2 was "logo.gif", then there would be a match in step 2. In step 3, logo.gif would be stored to the user's hard drive from the Firefox cache.

Some helpful background info:

In Firefox, files from web pages like images are strored in special cache archive files in Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Local Settings\application data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[SOME RANDOM TEXT]\Cache
Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[SOME RANDOM TEXT]]\Cache

You can view and save the files in the Firefox cache via Firefox by entering "about:cache?device=disk" in the address bar and right clicking and selecting "save link as" for a given file that is displayed. Step 3 essentially involves automating this process.

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