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Проект на PHP, под определенную ЦМС (в ЦМС все нужные средства для реализации плана есть).

Вот тезисное изложение того, что надобно:

1. Add new products, view orders, as usual.

2. A section showing the past issues of T Shirts known as Gallery.

3. The ability for visitors to subscribe and pay securely online for their membership.

4. A ‘My Account’ feature will allow members to login and manage their accounts. Attributes managed pertain to billing and shipping addresses, ability to order subscription for another person.

5. Automatic renewal of membership and rebilling via payment gateway. Subscribers will be notified in advance of their membership expiring and have the option to sign in and have their membership NOT renew automatically.

6. Shopping cart with any necessary tax rules.

7. They would like the cart integrated with Endicia.com to allow them to print labels and send customers tracking numbers of their shipment. They will not be using UPS or Fedex, only USPS.

8. Online, real time credit card processing. Using an authorize.net payment gateway. Orders will be verified online by the payment gateway and credit cards charged.

9. Automatic emailing system which generates emails to customers when orders are placed. Notifications are also sent to the site administrator. Customize the content of these emails using the back end administrative interface.

10. Print invoices to enclose with merchandise when shipped.

11. SSL certificate and credit card number encryption

Больше подробную информациюи ТЗ - дам по почте.

Срок исполнения - 91 рабочий час. Т.е. 2 недели.

300$ - если работа будет исполнена за 3 недели
350$ - если работа будет исполнена за 2 недели
250$ - если это займет больше 3х недель

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