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Добрый день, мы ищем исполнителя для (программиста либо команду), кто стремительно и высококачественно исполнит для нас следующую работу:


The purpose of Car Portal is to present a social network for car enthusiast that wish to interact, rank vehicles, buy and sell goods, research, promote vendor advertisement space and read the latest news.


- Account Login (user | company)
- eForum
- Top Rated
- myGarage (user profile)
- Garage Sale (eMarketplace)
- eSearch
- Blog
- About
- Contact
- Privacy policy
- Terms of use
- Advertise with us
- News (RSS|XML Feeds)
- 4 Advertisment spaces


A user signs up to the website, filling out all required fields. After filling in all required information and creating a unique username (will serve as email) and password, an account will be generated for that user.

The user can now customize his site, adding information about his vehicle (headline, about my ride, favorite vehicles, etc.). He can upload, arrange and edit pictures. The default picture for the account will be taggable (Different areas of the image can be isolated and have a link added upon rollover. See facebook). The user can upload videos as well.

Users can eSearch for each other or vehicles of interest via the search page. The search page will display all relevant results for a given input and display them in an abbreviated or preview list form.

While on a user’s public page, other users can rate the cars or items depicted in their pictures. These results will be tabulated and appear on the top rated page and beneath the picture being ranked.

Users can join forums; create groups (a themed user account), view events, view top rated cars or post vehicles and parts at the garage sale (store).

Users can post pollable questions on their site. Questions will appear publicly and other users can vote based off of the given options. Vote results will appear in percentage form publicly. Ex – What color should I get my Ferrari in? 1.Blue 2.Red 3.Green 4.Silver

The user can also check his mailbox for new mails, view sent mails, delete, save or compose new mails to be sent to other users (Example. Sent from Bobby56 to Travis2010).

All changes made to a users account will be saved and published to the public immediately.

Only logged in users can view a users public page upon performing a search. If not logged in or no account, searcher will be taken to login| sign up page.

Only users with accounts can post items for sale at the garage sale (store). All items posted at the garage sale will appear on “garage sale” search page and be clickable for more details. Interested parties can email a lister when interested. Email will appear in a user’s inbox as a new mail.


Дизайн теснее есть.
Пожалуйста, только определенные предложения с сроками, стоимостью и примерами ваших сходственных работ.


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