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Required Employee Profile


*Must speak English well
*Must be available to work part to full time...10 hours a week is not enough.
*Must be reliable and punctual
*Must be honest
*Must be creative and willing to work hard
*Must be willing to try to contribute ideas, enthusiasm
*Detail oriented
*Does not need to be directed on everything...if they see something wrong...they fix it without being asked.
*A productive, efficient and a fast worker.


Macromedia Flash Professional drawing .... EXCELLENT ---->EXPERT
Macromedia Flash Professional animation .... EXCELLENT ---->EXPERT
Macromedia Flash Professional action script ... EXCELLENT ---->EXPERT


Toonboom Solo/Studio... EXCELLENT ---->EXPERT

*must be familiar with a ftp client
*must have some experience in developing html websites


Story-boarding experience or animation experience
Online game experience
Experience with creating cartoon animation
Experience with creating online games


Candidate must submit examples of their work including:
>a resume
>a personal letter that includes...
*general background and description of themselves
*career goals
*if they are looking for long term or short term commitment
*their interest in pursuing a career with our company
*what they see as their strengths and weaknesses
*why they are the best candidate for the job
>salary requirements
>an example of an online game if they have one (if applicable)
>several samples of their artwork (if applicable)
>several examples of their flash designs (if applicable)
>several examples of their toonboom work (if applicable)

Qualified candidates do not need to have all the skills above but must feel that they can contribute to creating animation and games for children.

Below are links to examples of the type of work we need:

Any qualified candidates can be hired immediately.

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