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Биохимическая терминология, больше 300 страниц, сканированная книга. Бюджет - $2-3 за стр (1800 зн с пробелами). Указывайте, пожалуйста, скорость перевода и сделайте тестовый перевод (около 600 знаков из данного отрывка).

Пример текста, тот, что нужно перевести:

As harvested, oats (except for some naked or hull-less types) retain their hull (husk), which accounts for about 25-30% of the seed, oats for food use are first "de-hulled" (sometimes termed "hulled). While readily digested by ruminants, the highly lignified and fibrous covering is not suitable for human consumption without processing. Properly processed however, it makes a useful fibre ingredient for the food industry. Unprocessed hulls contain silicate particles, sometimes called spicules, which have a barbed nature and can irritate the mouth, esophagus, and possibly the gastrointestinal tract. These are removed for food products. Phenolics (lignin) may also be removed to give a white product known as oat fibre—this is almost entirely insoluble dietary fibre, and should not be confused with oat bran. In a study with oat fibre involving type II diabetic subjects, a transitory lowering of fasting blood glucose and LDL-cholesterol levels was observed (during hospitalization phase), but was not retained during the "ambulatory" phase [7]. Stool weight was increased but transit time was unchanged and the fibre was resistant to fermentation. Thus, oat fibre may provide stool bulking and reduce constipation, but potential benefits from fermentation are absent [8].

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