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Hello! We are a women's blog and we are looking for a person with excellent English and strong writing skills. The task is very simple:

1. To write 40 comments a day on provided posts (on fashion, beauty, celebrities etc.).
Each comment should contain 2 sentences and it should be 15-20 words long. Preferably the 1st sentence should be a statement relevant to the content of the article and the 2nd sentence should be a question to the author of the post in regard to the provided information. The comments should not look like spam, they should be likely to be approved by the owner of the site, naturally :)

2. To send daily reports ( URLs of the 40 posts that have been commented on).

The initial term of the project is 1 month and it will be extended if both parts are happy with the process.

The working days are: Monday through Friday (20 days in total). On average this type of commenting requires an hour of work a day. The pay rate for this project is $100 ($5 an hour=40 comments). The money will be payed through PayPal, the terms of payment will be discussed with the freelancer.

Here is a little example of what a comment should look like:

Article: Madonna archives clothes for retrospective

Madonna revealed to the Herald Tribune at the launch for her 'M' for H&M that she has been archiving her clothing with a view to having a retrospective. The star has been working on the archive for the last two years and said: «I'm thinking of doing a 25-year retrospective — multimedia, with video and photographs of me by Mario Testino, Herb Ritts, Steven Klein and Steven Meisel."

Comment: I am a huge fan of Madonna, I am SO looking forward to her H&M Collection! Do you know when it comes out?

And that is it :)

We are looking forward to hearing from You, our Perfect Commenter :)

Thank You for your time and consideration .

Approximate start date of the project after selecting a bid
Immediate (within 1-2 days)

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