Creating php / javascript / mysql for html pages

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· Javascript

· About 35-40 pages in HTML version
· About 10-15 active pages requiring expensive PHP and / or Javascript coding
· Remaining pages are either only text (i.e., About Us, Privacy Policy, etc.) or have limited coding requirements

· All 35-40 pages are HTML version (HTML versions are HTML pages with CSS)
· Detailed description of all pages and functions, including logic behind the system

Available Upon Request for Review:
· Short version of specifications
· Printscreens of all pages

· Create MySQL database
· Create PHP code
· Create Javascript code (limited to only several pages)
· Integrate HTML pages with PHP and Javascript code and link that to MySQL

· Provide your estimated number of hours
· Provide your estimated price

· No set deadline
· Should not take more than several months

Payment Terms:
· Paypal preferred
· Webmoney possible
· Payments in parts based on completed modules (or parts of modules)

· All code with copyright will be transferred to the owner
· Your testing required to extend of meeting specification requirements
· Owner will perform functionality testing. Programmer must agree on providing working code (on his server or on our server) for testing and allowing at least a month for the owner to test functionality and for the programmer to clear all bugs before final payment

PS: Prior winner of this project is not able to complete on time. A new programmer is needed.

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