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Возникла надобность в переводе корпоративного сайта с английского на немецкий.
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we know that “out-of-the-box” software won’t go very far in saving you time and making you money. Why? Because these ready-made products don’t take into consideration the fact that each business has unique and diverse needs. That’s why Modera offers comprehensive technology solutions that are tailor-made exclusively for your business.

Our custom solutions start with a personal consultation with a Modera Partner in your area. They speak your language, understand your circumstances, and can help you select a software package which will effectively address your company’s needs.

After determining a technology solution to fit your business, our consultants will install the proper applications into your existing framework. If necessary, we’ll develop customized modules using the Modera Module Development Kit (MMDK). Once installation is complete, your new software will be configured to suit your preferences and proper access rights will be put in place. Our experts can even design your corporate website, intranet or extranet to reflect your corporate identity and branding.

To support our custom web solutions, Modera also offers you:

Website hosting. We provide virtual, dedicated, and shared hosting based on the requirements and traffic loads of your web applications.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and web advertising solutions. Modera will help you ensure high visibility on the Internet search engines and attract more qualified visitors to your website.

Monitoring, maintenance and consulting. We’ll make sure your web applications stay up and running smoothly around the clock. Modera can also help you expand your IT systems as your company grows.

The beauty of Modera’s products lies in their scalability. Since they’re designed to be flexible, you won’t be penalized if your company is flourishing at a rapid pace. You can easily build upon your existing Modera web applications and add new, dynamic functionalities as you need them. Additionally, you’ll be able to seamlessly upgrade from virtual hosting to dedicated hosting as your website grows larger.

For ideas of how you can put Modera’s web solutions to work for your business, please take a look at some sample solutions

Умоляю написать правда бы частичный перевод, дабы клиент мог оценить ярус влядения языком.
С уважением, Андрей Михалевич.

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