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Среда разработки - Delphi
Применение компонентов:
1. Комплект компонентов DSPack для воспроизведения видео

Please check graphic file i have prepared:

I need application that will do following:

1. Form background is a looped video file (AVI, MPG, etc...) That can be loaded (File|Open)...
It's playing continuously.

2. On the top layer unlimited number of objects can be placed.
It can be (1) Some text - Text, font, style, color can be configured.
(2) - Text with shadow - text properties can be configured, shadow properties: shadow color, opacity, distance, size.
(3) - Text with stroke - text properties can be configure, stroke properties: size, opacity, color;
(4), (5) - Any geometrical figure can be placed (square, circle, triangle). Properties of the figure: Fill Color, line width, line color, figure's shadow, figure's opacity, figure's stroke.
(6) - External graphical file can be placed. File types: BMP, JPG, GIF, Animated GIF, transparent GIF. File properties: size, opacity, scale, rotate.

All the options should be configurable.

In general, two executables should be created:
First is used for creation of configuration file.
Second is used for playing video file on the background and for placing (arrangement) of the all object on the top layer (over the video). Video should be played continuously, without flickering; objects should be displayed without flickering.

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e-mail: dev_sf mail ru

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