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Интересует вопрос о создании портала (вероятность в тезисе), сроки реализации плана и ориентировочная стоимость.

Изложения и требования, к сожалению, только на английском языке.

Examples of website I like:

The site should have a "Creepy" Alice in Wonderland theme with each page/link having a different world form a different fairy tale where there will be "PLACES TO COME INTO" for example a cave, house, castle, etc

IMPORTANT!!!!!! The website has to be set-up with a Media Player (audio) so when you click to change pages the music is continuous and does not stop.

Pages/Links for site:

General Navigation and Live TV/Video Diary (must connect to a web cam for broadcasting the LATEST live show/video diary and other stuff); Example: http://www.karrine.com/ or http://www.thebackspin.com/ MySpace logo which links to MySpace page

Latest news and articles

Videos, mixes, interviews, etc with links to Podcast, iTunes, and other TV/Video diaries

Tour schedule and appearances

Photo section

Weekly Blog

Online store with a PayPal option to buy merchandise including CD's and T-shirts

Agent and Management contact information with email form and an email collector

Journal, News, and Tour section should be build so I can make easy updates.

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